Project Description

Industrial Enterprise Resource Planning (Pharma-ERP) Systems:

To develop this (Client-Server & Desktop Base) Pharmaceutical Enterprise Resource Planning (Pharma-ERP) ERP Software for maintaining the Pharma-industrial activities i.e customer order processing, planning, production, QC, finish goods delivery, billing, inventory, material costing,

VAT activities control and generate 1000 of various reporting for any Manufacturing Industries.

This Pharma-ERP System includes the following Modules:

1. Supply & Distribution,
2. Sales-Marketing & Customer Service,
3. Product Management Dept. (PMD),
4. Production Planning,
5. Production Mgt. & Shop Floor Control (Productivity),
6. Material (Warehouse) Management (Store Inventory),
7. Quality Control (QC),
8. Distribution (Factory),
9. Purchase-Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Local),
10. Purchase-Procurement and Supply Chain Management (L/C),
11. HRMS,
12. Costing/CMCD,
13. Accounts,
14. SMS Mobile Communication; and
15. Setup & Security.

Development Tools: This software developed under Visual Basic 6.0, MS-SQL Server-2000~2008 and Active Report Writer.

Client’s: Any type of Pharmaceuticals Industries.

ERP Project Profile:


The ERP system as a central database with all business processes that can be viewed, updated, and monitored through this single system in order for information to be shared across all functional departments.

Process improvement and the need for it move fast in today’s competitive markets. To stay on top of the latest implementation success and techniques, it would seem that one must read continuously. ERP is a business model that involves all levels of the organization – hence the word “enterprise”. ERP process disciplines allow organizations to link customers and top-management decisions all the way through to execution in the supply chain and the factory floor. Well-executed ERP not only starts with top management, it is totally dependent on top management.

What is ERP?

ERP Means

ERP Model:
ERP Model

ERP Data Model:
ERP Database Model

ERP Database Model:
ERP Database Model

ERP Project Development Plan (Road Map):
ERP Project Devlop Plan

ERP Chain:
ERP Chain

See this video for ERP Project Development Planning details:

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