Our developers are working with the software-development tools of Microsoft, Data Dynamics (ActiveReports), Borland (Inprise) and Oracle. We are making primarily industrial client-server applications for the areas of manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, garments sectors, logistic and trade.

Our systems are operating usually in environment of a relational database management system and/or ERP’s (as e.g. SAP). The programs are running on PC’s, local or wide area computer networks, handheld terminals or wireless Rf-devices.

Where the user-interface is in the focus, there the VB, VB.Net, Java is the suitable tool. Where the database and application logic are in the focus, as in the most mission-critical applications, the right way is MS-SQL or Oracle. On the handheld devices we’re using Visual Basic, VisualC++, Crystal Report, ActiveReport Writer. We combine the advantages of these technologies. In this way we able to make the massive products of high standard.

We are opened for new trends. So we got ready for the challenges of Internet and we support the web-technologies. We can develop with VB.Net, C# ASP.NET, JavaScript and PHP languages high quality and complex web-sites on MS-SQL, Oracle, MySql or Postgress Database Management Systems with the web-server based three-tier (browser-included) applications.

The challenge is ours, the solution is Yours!